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If you are reading this page you have been exclusively invited to join our Forever Fresh Team!


Our Forever Fresh Sponsored barbers TEAM has been developed to highlight our culture as supporters to the barbers that believe in our products and have helped elevate us to where we are as a company today. We aim to see a world where the straight razor culture is brought back to a staple within the gentleman's life. It is important for us to highlight the heritage we have been entrusted with and continue to elevate this portion of our service as barbers.


We aim to sponsor 1 barber and 1 barber only from each region globally. By the end of 2019 have over 30,000 barbers globally as part of our team. Just imagine what 30,000 barbers globally could do if we all decided to collaborate together!


1.  What we're offering:

  • A profile on our website under the TEAM section that will highlight who you are as a barber that is seen by over 3,000 customers per week!
  • An exclusive 50% OFF code for our entire product lineup! (below what it costs us to make our products by hand)
  • FREE products and early release giveaways via our TEAM only Instagram. (private, must be a sponsored team barber to be accepted) @foreverfreshrazors
  • Early product development insight and samples of new products that don't make it to market if we decide not to release them.
  • The benefits of 3,000+ customers browsing our website per week.- Having your profile on our website will put you in front of thousands of customers a week. If your services are put on display we would like customers to seek you out for a Forever Fresh Shave, OR barbering services. Consider it us referring you clients for FREE.

2. How it works:

  1. Add "Sponsored by: @foreverfreshrazors" to your Instagram Bio
  2. Fill out 5 quick questions so we can complete your TEAM profile here:
  3. You will receive an email automatically once you fill out your profile with your discount code! Then DM us on Instagram with the picture you want us to use for your profile on our site, well approve you to our private IG page @foreverfreshteam and give you some additional on boarding  info via DM!

Feel free to use your 50% off code as often as you want, however please note that we do not intend this code to be publicly broadcasted on TV. It is private and meant only for you. If you have a colleague or family member that could benefit from this code feel free to share it with them... just please don't go advertising it around the world!

Julius Cesar


Join our TEAM ONLY instagram account. We post cuts and photos from our team members only and have an extremely engaged community of barbers that wish to build each other up while we celebrate the best of the best in our industry!



WHY WOULD WE OFFER ALL THIS? For simply a few words in your Instagram bio? Simply put we want to give back. We want to build a community of barbers that not only support each other but elevate the culture together.

The cartels aren't good at dealing drugs by doing their own thing, they work together... We look at the straight razor industry the same way. TOGETHER our team will be the forefront of the industry and lead a revolution where everybody prospers. Simply elevating your profile in front of our customers is our way of saying thank you for supporting us!

Want to join our team? Say yes. 


Step 1.

Add: "Sponsored by @foreverfreshrazors"  to your IG profile


Step 2. click below.

Click here to upload your profile and get started


Step 3.

DM us your profile photo of choice and we'll finish the process via Instagram!



"It would be my pleasure to welcome you to a team of talented, passionate & driven staff, team members and razor purveyors around the world. Together we are better. - Forever!"


-Curtis Moody, Founder