1 Custom Engraved Butterfly Razor


The Butterfly Razor:

An award winning design focused on balance, weight, and precision. Our razors feature 1.5mm of blade clearance which delivers a superb straight-razor shave. Our “butterfly” blade holder accepts a full safety razor blade and offers the same profile as a traditional Straight razor blade..

Handle wood:

An award winning straight razor design offered in our collection of exotic woods. We regularly update and improve our selection of woods available for purchase.. The woods currently available are:

  • (Red) Padauk
  • (White) Canadian Maple
  • (Dark Grey) Black Walnut
  • (Striped) Zebra Wood
  • (Black/Brown) Wenge Wood
  • (Purple)Purple Heart
  • (Yellowish/ Black) Bocote Wood

Razor Finish:

We have spent countless hours perfecting the electro-plating process to ensure your razors hold up as long as humanly possible in the adverse conditions of an entire day’s work. Genuine 24K gold & Nickel chrome offer the barber or straight shave purveyor the absolute highest quality materials, while the matte grey and black mirror finish offer an elegant approach to a timeless tradition.

  • 24K gold  NEW!!!
  • Black Mirror NEW!!!
  • Nickel Chrome
  • Matte Grey

Customizing your razor engraving:

Please select from our list of popularily chosen fonts for your razor. Your razor will be made to order with the exact specifications you have chosen!

Caring for your razor:

Forever Fresh Co. Understands that many of our customers are barbers and stylists who use their razors for up to 20 times per day on different clients and customers. Our razors are ultimately designed for shaving and cleaning without acidic or caustic solutions. Although industry sanitation requirements must be met, we recommend NOT soaking your razors in barbecide or other intense sterilization  fluids.  We suggest a spray sterilizer, such as clippercide, followed by a rinse in cold water and finally a light towel cleaning. This will preserve the longevity of your razor and ensure that any of the electroplating material in which we coat our razors with stays looking new. Much like buying a pair of Nike runners and then running the New York Marathon, some natural wear and tear will occur. Our razors… Just like a pair of shoes after a marathon will experience some discolouration. Treat your razors like DJ Khalid treats his white nikes.

Shipping: Please allow 5 to 7 Business days for us to construct your straight razor. Every single order is made custom-to-order and will be shipped out as soon as possible. Keep in mind that once your product is shipped you will receive an updated email with regards to your shipping tracking information IF purchased. If you choose ground shipping without tracking expect your razor in another 10-15 business days. Express + tracking takes anywhere between 1-7 business days.


Additional information

Weight 185 g
Dimensions 20 × 6 × 4 cm
Wood type

Red Padauk, White Canadian Maple, Black Walnut (Grey in colour), Black/ Brown Wenge Wood, Purple Heart, Striped Zebra Wood, Bocote Wood

Razor Finish

24K Gold- 79.99, Nickel Chrome- 64.99, Matte Grey- 59.99, Black Mirror- 62.99

Font Selecton

Arial Black 1, Urban Jungle 2, Caligraffiti 3, Calling All Angels 4, Anti Font 5, Broken Detroit 6, Carta Magna 7, Defused Bold 8, Dear Jane 9, Dystopian Future 10, Fabulous Outline 11, Friday The 13th 12, Tattoo Ink 13, Tesla Motors 14, Supreme 15, Ninja Turtles 16, Wannabes 17, Sega Genesis 18, Another Danger 19, Cracked Pavement 20, Western Ranchland 21, Space Age 22, Mind Line 23, Challenger 24, Bad Signal 25, Blacksword 26