Bocote Wood | Chrome


We've soured the finest Bocote wood straight from the West Indies. This wood boasts a luxurious grain and depth to the colour. A deep yellowish/ black wood which sands down extremely smooth. Finished by hand and always 100% made in Canada.

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December 1, 2019

Swing-lock | 100% Stainless


A barbers favourite and staple in every artists arsenal. The swing-lock blade holder accepts only half of a regular razor blade and is perfect for designs, tight areas or barbers looking to expand their talents into the straight shaving industry.

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September 9. 2019

Western Canadian Maple | 24K Gold 


By far one of our most luxurious offerings. Our 24K gold plated straight razor is most elegantly featured by our local Western Canadian Maple wood. This handle is an extremely smooth, sanded to 1,000 and sealed with orange wax. When looking for the perfect handmade gift you can rest assured nothing says original more than a straight razor made with local wood.

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September 9. 2019

African Zebra wood | Black Mirror


A straight razor combination we are falling in love with. The natural wood tones of the Zebra wood are accentuated perfectly with the black mirror and 24k gold finish. We recently made this razor for a client in England. Our Zebrano wood is harvested from the African region of Congo and sourced through a local wood supplier. The Zebra wood makes a perfect straight razor handle as it is known for its relatively light weight compared to our other exotic hardwoods. When you choose a perfect straight razor all of these details can make up your perfect shave.

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September 9. 2019