Exquisite accompaniments for the distinguished gentleman- with our highest regards to craftsmanship.

Hand made in Canada, globally renown.

Est. 2016

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    Custom Razor Engraving

    Proud to engrave our own products with a skilled team. Customers receive custom graphics & design assistance for free on all orders. Our razor handle graphics have a resolution of 1/1000th of an inch. We use state of the art lasers and positioning equipment which delivers an unmatchable level of quality.

    3D Perfection

    Engineered and designed in 3D software which allows us to repeat the same level of consistency throughout our entire production line. Our products are known around the world for our attention to detail, precision and luxurious shaves. Every razor and brush is finished by hand, sanded, assembled and packaged with care.

    Strength & Integrity

    All of our razors are shipped inside a Forever Fresh box that will ensure your product looks as good as they do from when it leaves our assembly line. Elegance in style, strength with integrity. Our Forever Fresh packaging boxes can withstand up to 400lbs of crushing strength. The process of making our straight razors require just as much attention as a perfect shave does.

    Exotic Wood handles

    Our handles are proudly manufactured from exotic woods that we source from around the world. We stock Canadian Maple, Wenge, Zebra, American Beechwood, American Black walnut, Costa Rican Purple Heart, African Padauk & Peruvian Walnut. Limited edition exotic wood razors are released as the perfect wood becomes available.