Silvertip Badger shave brush


elevate your shave:

One of our proudest creations to date. The Silvertip Badger brush is a product of our latest nights spent dreaming how to create the best shave brush available on the market, coupled with an innate passion to innovate, create and be set apart. Forever Fresh Brushes are among the industry’s best and provide a superior shaving experience.

The Knot:

The finest Silvertip badger hair was selected by hand for our knots with a strict protocol on quality and functionality. Our AAA grade Silvertip Badger hair provides a lusterous lather for your face, ultimately soft, and promises to leave your experience different from the rest.

The Handle:

Invented by Forever Fresh, the product of creativity, determination, focus, and innovation. In a world where 99% of shave brushes hold an identical general shape we have never been satisfied with the traditional approach. Our proprietary handle features multiple pieces cut into extremely small sections which function together to provide superior grip, weight and shape. Our shave brush handles are hand finished, hand assembled and packaged with the gentleman’s needs in mind.


Our brushes ship SAME DAY. If you can buy it it means its in stock. Unlike our custom razors we make our brushes ahead of time. Enjoy your Forever Fresh brush within 6-9 business days if you choose regular shipping or 3-5 business days if you choose expedited!

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Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 20 × 7 × 5 cm
Wood type

Peruvian Walnut, American Beechwood, Two tone, Wenge & Beechwood

Knot type

AAA Silvertip Badger hair, Boar Bristle, Synthetic Hair